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Billed Annually

Copy Contact Form 7 Submissions to

This simple, reliable plugin makes it easy to organize your contacts and connect with your customers.

  • Keep all of your sales data in and share it with your entire team effortlessly.
  • Format your data exactly as you want it.
  • Stop losing track of emails and never miss a sale again.


Billed Annually

How it Works

Connect to Your Account

Copy the API key from your account, paste it into your WordPress dashboard, and press “Connect”.

Watch the demo.

Map a CF7 Form to a Board

Create simple connections between your CF7 form fields and your boards.

Watch the demo.

Watch a New Item Appear for Every Form Submission

Your custom connections will determine how form submission data is automatically copied to

Watch the demo.

Simple and Reliable

When you’re working with WordPress sites, reliability is crucial. That’s why we build our plugins to do one thing and one thing well. This integration’s straightforward, uncomplicated design makes it easy to use – and safe for your site at the same time.

What We Offer

Flagstaff Integrations Make Integrately
Price $79 USD/yr $81-350+ USD/yr $100-2000+ USD/yr
Simple, Transparent Pricing
Streamlined, Uncomplicated Setup
Unlimited Usage
No Webhooks Required
Effective Error Prevention
Reliable Support
Compatible with Non-Default CF7 Forms
Compatible with Most Basic CF7 Fields
Compatible with CF7 Drop-Down Menus
Compatible with CF7 Acceptance Fields
Compatible with CF7 File Fields
Ability to Transfer Files

Customize Your Data

Do you need to set up your boards in a specific way? No problem!

Use simple, flexible connectors to map your contact form fields to your board columns. Each time a user makes a new form submission, their data will be used to create an item on your account – exactly as you specified.

Try the Free Demo

Before you make a purchase, we want you to be 100% confident that the plugin will meet your needs.

We work with InstaWP to provide sandbox sites for plugin testing. Click the link below to create a new sandbox environment and test out all of the plugin’s features instantly.

Demo the Plugin

Available Connectors

This plugin’s connectors allow you to map Contact Form 7 form fields to specific columns on boards. When a submission is made, data from each mapped form field will be copied over to the connected column. This table describes how each type of Contact Form 7 field can be mapped to each type of column.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this plugin was created in 2021 and is still actively being monitored and updated as of July 2024. View the plugin’s change log for details. It has a healthy subscriber base, and we plan to continue to support it far into the future.

To report bugs and/or request support, please contact us via our support page.

Yes, here is the plugin’s change log:

Version 1.1.0

  • fix issue with newest submission logs being deleted
  • make submission logging limit explicit
  • catch HTTP errors during API key testing

Version 1.2.0

  • remove static definition from connectors getter
  • move high level log info from JSON to post meta
  • improve efficacy of API error response logging
  • raise the logs limit to 1000
  • fix issue with newest error logs being deleted
  • make error logging limit explicit
  • fix encoding issues in GraphQL calls to the API
  • use the REST API endpoint generated by WordPress

Version 1.3.0

  • add try/catch block around licence notice logic to prevent outages from breaking the entire WP admin area

Version 1.4.0

  • add a phone number validation and transformation system in anticipation of stricter validation on Monday’s end
  • switch to catching Throwables rather than Exceptions on the server to improve the efficacy of error handlers
  • fix issues with logging GraphQL errors from the API
  • enforce a 2000 character limit on text fields in response to stricter validation on Monday’s end
  • increase required REST API permissions to improve security
  • optimize the Composer build process for production

Version 1.5.0

  • fix issue where API key test failes due to 500 errors (no GraphQl request body)

Version 1.6.0

  • fix spelling for “long_text” connectors while preserving backward compatibility

Version 1.7.0

  • fix issue with status columns being re-typed from “color” to “status” in the GraphQL API

Version 1.8.0

  • fix issue with checkbox columns being re-typed from “boolean” to “checkbox” in the GraphQL API

If you have purchased a single licence and you would like to install the plugin on multiple sites, that’s permitted. However, each licence key allows just one site to receive automated plugin updates. So if you want to configure all of your sites to be able to receive updates, you would need to purchase a separate licence key for each site.

Additional Questions? We’re Here to Help!